Taking stock at summer's end

Approaching the end of summer is always bittersweet. We realize the year is well-past the halfway mark. Often we ask ourselves "what have we accomplished so far"?  

Have I been following HIS plan? Or mine?  Struggling with these questions is normal. It's human.  The glory of HIS grace: is that HE sees us wrapped in Christ's Righteousness.  HE doesn't dwell on our failures. We do, but not HIM. HE loves us with a love that sets no conditions on us other than we ask for forgiveness, work to do better, and know that he paid the price for us already. 

Yes. We sell clothes. So don't consider this a sermon, just a sharing.

We are grateful for God's Grace.  We fail. We disappoint: our families; our friends; and, most often, ourselves.  But we get up. We remember that we have been forgiven.  We remember to show gratitude even on those dark days.  For HE has overcome the world; and HE wants us - you and me -  in heaven with HIM!

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