Our Story

About God's CornerStore 

God’s Cornerstore is a faith-based clothing company with the mission to create stylish yet modest apparel that celebrates Christian values and beliefs. As devoted followers of Christ, we want our clothing to be a testament to our faith and a way to start conversations about Christianity. We believe in expressing our faith boldly and beautifully, our collection of Christian clothing and accessories is designed to inspire, uplift, and spread the message of love and hope to the world.


Our Story

Our plans don't always line up with His plans, do they?  

The isolation of 2020's Covid had, like it also did for so many others, brought a new puppy into our lives. Loki brought so much happiness as he grew, and grew, and grew up to his full size of waist-high and 150 lbs. We started exploring online business ideas and came to realize that pet supplies were a growing industry (we knew the spend first-hand!). We shifted our focus, energy and much work into this endeavour.

 After many months of hard work, we couldn't shake off the feeling that something wasn't right. Our plans for a pet business felt empty, hollow.  We realized that we needed to alter course and do something to honor God. He had to be the center of our life. We needed a vehicle to share his message, and felt that our work efforts could best deliver on that ministry by building a faith-based brand instead.

It wasn't our plan, but it was His (we continue to observe that the more our actions align with the direction of The Word and the Holy Spirit, the less friction our efforts run into). The idea for the name came during an afternoon dog walk. John just stopped in his tracks and said "God's Cornerstore. That's the name!" (he is not a creative person, so we truly felt this name "came" to him rather than him thinking it up. God is great!)  It was done.  Our store, conceptually, was born.

A lot of work, many months later, and here we are.  Our mission is to offer quality clothing that exalted Our Lord, apparel that proudly spoke of your love for Christ and Our Heavenly Father.  

The path is not always clear, but we have come to realize you don't need all the answers. You need to TRUST in The Lord, and lean on His understanding, not your own. And we need LOVE. He shares it in abundance. We receive it. 


This Is Our Goal

Our goal with our clothing is for you to use our messages as Ministry. An outreach.  Faith shouldn't be kept a secret, or only for Sundays.  Faith should be integral to our lives. Christians know that one of our "jobs" is to start conversations: about The Lord; and about Christ.  It is our hope - and truly our faith - that our clothing will help you to start those conversations.  To share LOVE and the Good News.


What We Believe

We are proudly Christian-owned and operated. Our designs are inspired by biblical scripture, values of humility and modesty, and the desire to let our light shine before others. We carefully review every graphic and slogan to ensure it is honoring God.