We're leaning on HIS, not our own, understanding

The path is not always clear, but we don't need to know/see all the answers. What we need is faith in our Father.  We need Trust. And we need Love.  This clothing journey is about sharing our love for God and encouraging you to do the same.

Faith shouldn't be kept secret, or only for Sundays. It should be integral to our lives.  When we say someone has "integrity", we are saying that they are fully-integrated as a person. They are whole.  Living wholly with God brings riches and blessings and peace to our lives.  

Our goal with this clothing line is to help others become fully-integrated with their faith in a way that will kick-start conversations with others. It will make others ask you questions, or smile and nod knowingly (because they "get it" too!). 

This is a starting point for us to share. We look forward to seeing how this journey fits into God's plan for us.... and for you.

Matthew 25:40 teaches us to share our blessings with others.  While we share the message of God's Grace, we are also conscious of OUR blessings and thus, will be donating 10% of our proceeds to World Vision.  Being a top-rated international charity, we believe in them and their mission, personally, and that is why we support them financially (with your help). www.worldvision.com

 Be blessed.

The God's Corner Store Team

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